Our founder is a published author on the law and sought-after speaker, educator, and expert witnesses, and our attorneys are seasoned professionals—giving us an unusual depth of expertise.

Plus, our firm offers both fixed monthly retainers and billable hours—giving our clients a flexible range of options.

Authors, Speakers, Educators, Seasoned Counselors, Expert Witnesses

David Tollen is the author of the American Bar Association’s bestseller, The Tech Contracts Handbook (ABA Publishing / IP Section 2015), and also the author of The Tech Contracts Pocket Guide (iUniverse 2006). David has also published a long list of articles on topics related to IP and IT law, and he serves as an expert witness on cases about IT contracts and relationships.

In addition, David Tollen speaks widely on intellectual property and related topics. He’s also an accomplished trainer and speaker and has taught tech contracts programs to audiences around the country, appearing before organizations like the legal departments at Google and BMW, government agencies like the California CIO’s office, and organizations like the state bars of California and Ohio and the Licensing Executives Society of the U.S.A. and Canada.

All our attorneys are seasoned Silicon Valley and Bay Area professionals. And if you look at the endorsements boxes on this website, you’ll see some rave reviews from our clients.

Flexible Billing Options

In addition to traditional billable hours, Sycamore Legal offers all-you-can-eat services for a fixed monthly fee. We and our client agree on a monthly fee based on the estimated workload, and that covers all our services, or in some cases, all our services in a field of work (e.g., technology law advice and agreements). The fixed fee structure gives our clients predictable expenses and makes calling the lawyer more comfortable. It also helps align our incentives. It lets Sycamore Legal attorneys search for new areas to contribute – trade secrets audits, improved form contracts, etc. – without worrying about driving up legal fees.

Of course, some relationships involve too little work for fixed fees, and some clients have sporadic needs. That’s why traditional billable hours are always available too.